Monday 25 September The decision follows the closure of both Iranian and Turkish airspace to Iraq on Sunday. The poll on support for Kurdish independence – which is non-binding and not recognised by Baghdad – has angered the central government, which sees it as a Kurdish attempt to exert greater control over Iraq’s oil reserves. Keith Fidler kisses his wife Cynthia, as their son Kolin looks on, during a homecoming ceremony in New York, April 8, for the New York Army National Guard’s nd Military Police Company’s return from Iraq Reuters Iran has previously described the independence referendum as “untimely and wrong”, and reiterated its support for Iraq’s territorial integrity and the “democratic process”. Foreign ministry spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi said on Monday that the vote could “lead to developments and happenings that could affect all people of the region and especially Kurdish people”. This is why the West should support Kurdish independence The Kurdish people – who number roughly 30 million across several countries – were left stateless when the Ottoman Empire collapsed a century ago. Iran, which also has a significant Kurdish population, is also opposed to the creation of an independent Kurdistan, which could fuel the desire for Kurdish independence in its own territories as well as in Syria and Turkey. Tehran and Baghdad have been closely allied since , when the US-led invasion toppled dictator Saddam Hussein.

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Share this article Share Much of the weaponry and military equipment currently in the hands of the jihadists was gathered after thousands of members of the U. As the soldiers fled the scene, they left behind millions of pounds worth of top-of-the-range and barely used equipment – all of which was quickly swept up by ISIS. Since then the Kurdish peshmerga forces have carried out the defence of much of northern Syria and Iraq, despite the fact many of the militants only know how to operate clunky, decades-old Soviet-era weapons and are hugely under-resourced in terms of ammunition and protective equipment.

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How did men treat women in the Middle Ages? Answer The short answer is that women were well treated in some times and places, and poorly treated in others. For example, in the Early Middle Ages, parts of Europe used the concept of weregild, which was an amount of money that had to be paid to a family if a person caused the death of a family member.

Weregild was based on social status. In some legal codes, the weregild for a woman was half that for a man of the same status. In other legal codes, it was twice as much.


Monday 24 July Colonel Yevgeni nodded approvingly at this description but maintained his silence — a wise man, I thought — for he must be the easternmost Russian officer in Syria, only a few miles from the Euphrates river. The year-old Kurdish YPG representative, a veteran of the Isis siege of Kobani on the Turkish border, said that just over two weeks ago — after the latest Syrian offensive took Isis forces west of Raqqa by surprise — a Russian air strike had mistakenly targeted a Kurdish position.

We have to make one force that fights together. But, however tenuous the new YPG-Russian-Syrian connections may be, they demonstrate that all sides are determined to avoid any military confrontation between Moscow and Washington.

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US pulls out December – US completes troop pull-out. Unity government faces disarray. Arrest warrant issued for vice-president Tariq al-Hashemi, a leading Sunni politician. Sunni bloc boycotts parliament and cabinet. It is the first major summit to be held in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. A wave of pre-summit attacks kills scores of people.

Violence intensifies April – Sunni insurgency intensifies, with levels of violence matching those of By July the country is described as being yet again in a state of full-blown sectarian war. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Thousands of Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries, including Iraq, to escape civil war at home September – Series of bombings hits Kurdistan capital Irbil in the first such attack since By the year-end the UN estimates the death toll of civilians as 7, – a dramatic increase in the previous year’s figure of 3, Government forces recapture Ramadi but face entrenched rebels in Falluja.

Tens of thousands flee amid atrocities. Kurdish forces, US and Iran assist government in repelling attacks.

Female Kurdish Soldier Killed

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Start Slideshow Hide Captions Kurdish and German archaeologists have uncovered evidence of ancient civilizations stretching back almost 5, years at a site near the town of Bassetki, Duhok province. It was only in May this year that the joint Kurdish-German team, which has been working at the site since , learned the name of the once flourishing city – Mardaman – which for millennia straddled the major trade routes of ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia.

A pottery vessel, deliberately hidden under a mound of clay, was found to contain a collection of 92 cuneiform tablets. A succession of empires built, conquered, rebuilt, and abandoned this site through antiquity. A Kurdish village most recently sat atop these layered ruins, only to be flattened by a latter day conqueror, Saddam Hussein, to make way for a private helipad.

The oldest of these layers reveals a sprawling Akkadian kingdom, which set root here in the Early Bronze Age, some 5, years ago. Sections of a city wall, believed to date from around 2, BC, have emerged around the base of the mound. Beyond this, a lower city is thought to stretch outward to the edge of the highway, which – like in ancient times – links modern-day Iraq and Turkey. The kingdom is thought to have thrived for 1, years. After the Akkadians, the city appears to have shrunk, becoming the seat of Middle Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian governors.

They in turn were following by the vast empires of Alexander the Great and later the Ottomans – each leaving its own mark in stone, brick, and bone. One, possibly a child, is buried inside a large clay egg. The other, an adult, lies unceremoniously at the bottom of a nearby pit, alongside the remains of at least one animal.

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KURDS IN THE HYDROPOLITICS OF THE REGIONMatthew Machowski Research Analyst Kurdish Human Rights Project May London, United Kin Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

The Melkite priest accompanied the August 20 delegation of Catholic and Orthodox patriarchs to Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish region of the country, on a mission to show their support for the persecuted Christians and other minorities who sought refuge there after being expelled from their homes by the Islamic State fighters. Various rooms in the churches were filled to capacity — up to 50 people sleeping in areas the size of a single bedroom — with the overflow spreading onto church grounds, parking lots and streets, now dotted with makeshift tents in the degree heat.

Mosul is now completely empty of Christians as is Qaraqosh, a town dating back to 1, years before Christ and inhabited by mostly Christians for 2, years. More than , people are displaced from Mosul alone. Expelled from their ancestral lands by the militants of the Islamic State, the displaced Iraqis have put their trust in church leaders and are leaning heavily on their own faith. The Melkite patriarch cried many times when he saw these people.

He was hugging and kissing them as he cried.

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Origin of the Kurds “The land of Karda” is mentioned on a Sumerian clay-tablet dated to the 3rd millennium B. This land was inhabited by “the people of Su” who dwelt in the southern regions of Lake Van ; The philological connection between “Kurd” and “Karda” is uncertain but the relationship is considered possible. After initially sustaining a heavy defeat, Ardashir I was successful in subjugating the Kurds. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you have brought death to yourself.

O son of a Kurd, raised in the tents of the Kurds, who gave you permission to put a crown on your head?

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By Arashikasa In 16th century , Sharaf ad-Din Bitlisi’s wrote a book named Sharafnama , makes references to the women of the ruling landowning class, and their exclusion from public life and the exercise of state power, wrote that the Kurds of Ottoman Empire, who follow Islamic tradition , took four wives and, if they could afford it, four maids or slave girls. Adela Khanem was of the famous aristocratic Sahibqeran family, who intermarried with the tribal chiefs of Jaff.

They argue that while some level of Kurdish cultural, social, political and ideological heterogeneity may exist, the Kurdish community has long thrived over the centuries as a generally peaceful and well integrated part of Turkish society, with hostilities erupting only in recent years. According to Barhebreaus , a king appeared to the Kurdanaye and they rebelled against the Arabs in We have 1,s of Kurdish Matrimonials as well as Matrimony around the world ranging from various ages, interests and personalities.

Many join because of relatives in prison, and others join to avoid prison. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan infamously stated that “a woman who rejects motherhood, who refrains from being around the house, however successful her working life is, is deficient, is incomplete.

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Karwan Jamal Tahir, high representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG of Iraq to the United Kingdom, said the international community had failed his people in the response to the September 25 independence referendum. Giving evidence before the foreign affairs committee in Westminster, Tahir said: The referendum was a peaceful path. Voters there backed the establishment of the first-ever Kurdish nation state, but the federal government in Baghdad opposed the ballot and closed regional airports after the result.

Hubs including that of Kurdistani capital Erbil remain suspended, with aid agencies claiming this is stopping the flow supplies to those displaced by intense fighting in the battle to drive Daesh from the region.

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The Christians had planned to demonstrate against what they say is encroachment on their land by Kurds. Eight Christian Iraqis told Human Rights Watch that in the Nahle Valley and other areas of northern Iraq with significant populations of Assyrians and other Christians, some Kurdish neighbors had encroached on Christian-owned land. They said that although they have property deeds, neither court orders nor recourse to officials succeeded in removing structures that Kurdish neighbors had built on their land.

Emmanuel Khoshaba, leader of the Assyrian Patriotic Party, told Human Rights Watch that he and fellow Assyrians had intended to peacefully protest on April 13, in front of the Kurdish regional parliament in Erbil. Khoshaba said that the impetus for the protest was the expansion by a Kurd, a few days earlier, of a structure he had previously built on land belonging to Assyrians in the Nahle Valley. Appeals to officials provided no redress, Khoshaba said.

Benjamin said that taxi drivers and others who needed to leave for work but did not intend to go to the protest, were also blocked.

Trump addresses Kurdish reporter as ‘Mr. Kurd’

Small doses are necessary and, on occasion, life-enhancing, its researchers reported last week. Viewers loved the moment in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta blows a hole in the head of a passenger and splatters brains on the upholstery of his car – ‘It was quite comical, actually’ – and were smart enough to avoid confusing prone actors with real corpses. The responsible physician must not, however, be seduced by the happy gurgles of his patients.

The censors said they must be alert to the ever-present risk of overdose.

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In the city itself, Hasiba Abdullah, 51, who supervised a polling station in a Kurdish neighbourhood, said of the vote: We want the Kurdish flag to rise over all our communities here. They will all be included. We are ready to set aside all disputes and take our east in the global community. We want to see our flag at the United Nations. There is more interest for the Kurds to vote. Because of their pressure, others do not feel comfortable to participate.

Proud to cast my vote earlier this morning and partake in this historic day, the day of the KurdistanReferendum pic. UK does not support Kurdistan region referendum — must be agreed with Govmt of Iraq. Risks instability when focus should be defeating Daesh.

Eye On The World: Iraq: Iraqi Troops backed by Iranian Shia Milita march against Kurds in Kirkuk

Kurdish protesters clash with police at German airport, disrupt UK stations 11th March , 0 comments Pro-Kurdish demonstrators staged protests against Turkey’s military offensive in northern Syria on Sunday scuffling with Turks and German police at Duesseldorf airport, while in Britain they temporarily closed two train stations, authorities said. Several people in Germany were left injured after police used pepper spray against some demonstrators opposed to Turkey’s ongoing military operation “Olive Branch” against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units YPG in Syria’s Afrin region.

The unannounced rally of about people — one of several Kurdish demonstrations in Germany at the weekend — turned rowdy and led to “a number of people suffering injuries”, federal police told AFP. Images on social media showed the protesters holding a banner that read “Afrin is becoming our Vietnam — We will defeat fascism”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to “purge” Kurdish militia from the town of Afrin as his forces and allied Syrian rebels advanced to within a few kilometres.

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By Matt Broomfield , originally published by New Internationalist August 22, Many Kurdish people have had their connection to their land battered out of them. Now, they are taking it back. Unlike Daesh, the Turkish state uses the language of regeneration when obliterating ancient heritage sites — in Western-facing interviews, at least. But the effect is just the same. Here at the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we are first-hand witnesses to these attempts to tear the Kurdish people from their past and present.

Consumer-capitalist practices are imported to the Middle East and idealized as alternatives to long-standing cultures. This myopic approach to agriculture was created and promoted by industrial capital, and subsumed by local farmers.

ISIS supporters clash with Kurdish protesters in London

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